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Taylor Kitchens Alabama W-E Oct 27, 2018

Rider’s Narrative by Taylor Kitchens This record attempt was for Alabama W-E. It began at exactly 4:30am on 10-27-2018 I started at the Mississippi/Alabama line. It was 43 degrees at the start and got to a high of 60 degrees. I wanted to do a record for the challenge to see if it was possible. I rode a Specialized Tarmac and Geurciotti Time Trial Bike. Fueling was Endurox R4 and 4 fig Newtons The Best park was not worrying about anything but riding. My crew took care of everything. The hardest part was crashing on a bottle exchange doing 25 mph at mile 40. Interesting/unusual things during the attempt: I set PR on Century by doing 4:43 on the first 100 miles. Lost radio communication due to blown fuse at mile 80. The mind really tells you, “You can’t do this, your body is tired”. I kept telling it to “shut-up” not my legs which usually get that speech. I finished at the Al/Ga line in Pheonix City on the Bridge at 4:15pm ……………………………….. Ride report from Crew Chief Taylor Kitchens is no stranger to hard work but he was a stranger to competitive cycling until 3 years ago. He [...]

Taylor Kitchens Alabama W-E Oct 27, 20182018-11-12T06:31:32+00:00

Bob Willix North Carolina W-E Record – 2018-10-10

Bob Willix NC Border-to-Border Record October 10-11, 2018 Rider’s Narrative Summary Record attempt: North Carolina Border-to-Border, West to East Name of rider: Bob Willix Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute: Wednesday morning, October 10, 2018 at 4:00 a.m. Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot: Murphy, NC Courthouse at 75 Peachtree Street, Murphy, NC 28906 What were conditions like? Absolutely Epic!!! We started at 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning, and 30 minutes later it started raining because Hurricane Michael was approaching from the Gulf of Mexico. It basically never stopped raining for almost the entire record attempt! We had numerous challenges, from closed roads to incredibly high winds at the end when approaching the eye of the storm. Why did you want to do a record? I’ve known Terry Landsdell for many years and he holds the 49 and under record. I also had met Jim Casper several years ago, who has the current (until now) age group record. BOTH men are amazing individuals that were very gracious and kind in supporting me to break their records. As an endurance athlete, I’ve done many events, but I’d never ridden this [...]

Bob Willix North Carolina W-E Record – 2018-10-102018-10-28T08:22:36+00:00

Peter Horton – Outdoor Road Records – 2018-09-29

Rider’s Narrative Summary Record Attempt: - 100 Km Road Solo, 200 Km Road Solo, 100-mile Road Solo and 6 hours Distance Road Solo, Rider: - Peter John Horton, 51 years old, United Kingdom Crew: - Simon Chetwynd and Susan Horton Officials: - Kevin Van Dyke After my last record attempt where I achieved the 100 Km Road Solo record but did not complete all the records upto 6 hours as originally planned I wanted to attempt the records again. I decided that I was going to attempt to beat my 100Km Road Solo record and look to achieve the 200Km Distance Road Solo, 100-mile Road Solo and 6 hour distance record. I set out a training program over a 12-month period and was determined to attempt to achieve these records in September 2018. As with my previous record attempt it wasn’t smooth sailing as you may be aware Lumberton North Carolina was hit by hurricane Florence and severe flooding a week and a half before I was due to attempt the records but my flights were already booked. I flew out to America to acclimatise to the weather a week earlier before the anticipated attempt date of the 29th September. [...]

Peter Horton – Outdoor Road Records – 2018-09-292018-10-28T08:24:04+00:00

Anthony Lisinicchia – Indiana S-N Record – 2018-09-29

Congratulation s to Anthony Lisinicchia for setting the Indiana S-N Record on 2018-09-29. He completed the 300 mile attempt in 16hours 39 minutes for a average speed of 18.08 mph The following is a rider narrative summary of an attempt to set the World Ultracycling Association Point-to-Point record for Indiana, South to North, by Anthony Lisinicchia. The ride began on September 29, 2018 at 7:17AM CST. The ride started on Indiana State Highway 161 on the Indiana-Kentucky along the Ohio River. The weather was near perfect. Despite a day long head wind (NNE 6mph, gusting to 10mph), the temperature was ideal for riding. It was 58 degrees in the morning and the daytime high reached low 70s before falling again into the mid-50s by midnight. The roads were in great shape. Shoulders varied greatly. Sometimes they were five feet wide; other times they did not exist. A good portion of the roads had rumble strips. In the northern half of Indiana, Hwy 43 and 421 both had sections of a rather rough type asphalt - almost like a mini cobblestone. I could’ve done without that, especially late in the ride. After qualifying for RAAM and setting the Illinois N-S WUCA [...]

Anthony Lisinicchia – Indiana S-N Record – 2018-09-292018-10-28T08:24:01+00:00

Gerry Eddleman Outdoor Track Records 2018-09-06

Congratulations to Gerry Eddleman for setting the Male 70+ Standard records on 2018-09-06 for: 100km outdoor track at 3:30:38.35 with an avg speed of 17.70mph 200km outdoor track at 7:39:25.59 with an avg speed of 16.23mph 300km outdoor track at 13:01:41.33 with an avg speed of 14.31mph 6 hours outdoor track for 100.38 miles with an avg speed of 16.73mph Read his ride report below Rider G.K. Eddlemon’s Narrative Summary 115th through 118th UMCA Records (pending certification)! Note to reader: I’ve yet to recheck my arithmetic for total number of records, but I believe these are the correct figures. And yes, some of these records were set in some of our smallest states, others in some of our larger states, e.g., Alaska and Florida. Six time and distance trial record attempts were made concurrently: UMCA Time/Distance Trials: 100-Km; 100-Mile; 200-Km; 300-Km; 6-Hour; 12-Hour; 24-Hour Name of Rider: Gerald K. “Gerry” Eddlemon Start date and time: Sept. 6, 2018 at 10:30:00 AM local (EDST) time. Exact Start Location: About 30 meters east of intersection of ~1.1 mile long unnamed access road for Melton Hill Dam and boat launch driveway just east off US Hwy 95, near Oak Ridge, TN. Actual length [...]

Gerry Eddleman Outdoor Track Records 2018-09-062018-10-28T08:23:35+00:00

Valerie Litznerski – Michigan S-N record – 2018-09-08

Congratulations to Valerie Litznerski who set the Michigan S-N record on 2018-09-08 with a distance if 364 miles a time of 1 day 3:46, at an avg speed of 13.11mph. Valerie now holds both S-N and W-E solo records. Read her narrative below On a beautiful early fall day in September, I set out to establish the women's south-to-north cross-state record for the state of Michigan. After establishing the west-to-east record in 2012, I decided that I wanted to have the S/N record as well. A recent crash with a car during a group ride compelled me to complete this goal and through the legitimacy offered by the certifying organization, WUCA, I was able to generate awareness and donations for the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club's efforts to make cycling safer in the state of Michigan. Notably, Michigan is the 11th most dangerous state for bicyclists based on the most recent statistics that I am aware of. This is significant because few Michiganders ride our roads year-round. I was prepared for a headwind during my ride and in the days leading up to my ride ad fretted as I saw rain and headwinds in the forecast. Luckily the rain didn't come, but [...]

Valerie Litznerski – Michigan S-N record – 2018-09-082018-10-31T15:02:49+00:00

Julie Lyons & Jerry Schemmel, Colorado West-East September 6 – 7, 2018

  Riders Summary X-Colorado West to East  - September 6 - 7, 2018 Jerry Schemmel, Julie Lyons This record attempt was the fourth in a series of four cross - colorado attempts. This final one being the West to East Crossing ridden by Jerry Schemmel and Julie Lyons . The starting point was at the Colorado/Utah state line on Hwy 50 west of Fruita, Colorado. It is impossible to miss the line thanks to a brightly hand painted piece of wood nailed to a post stating UTAH! Stuck right in the middle of nowhere. We started on September 6, 2018 at 5:30 am and rode non-stop relay fashion with pulls averaging about 5 miles each. We finished at the Colorado Kansas state line on September 7, 2018 at 9:48 am for a total ride time of 28 hours and 18 min. The Colorado/Kansas state line is clearly marked on Hwy 50 outside of Holly, Colorado just past a big rest area proudly displaying both the welcome to Kansas sign as well as Welcome to Colorful Colorado on the North side of the hwy. We were excited to finish four attempts with this final run all in hopes of completing both [...]

Julie Lyons & Jerry Schemmel, Colorado West-East September 6 – 7, 20182018-10-14T22:20:44+00:00

Roland Schell – Faired Recumbent Trike (HPV) – August 25, 2018

On Saturday, 25th of August 2018, we arrived on the IVECO Test Track for Roland Schell's attempt at 24h Outdoor Track with the streamlined Milan SL (faired recumbent) - which he planned to use 2 of. Since 2 of the Crew already were ill with flu-like symptoms preparation took longer than anticipated. Traffic cones were placed in the banked curves and inspected. A large amount of broken off metal nuts and bolts were removed from the track for safety reasons and the electronic timekeeping was installed and tested. Weather conditions weren't great, it started to rain at around 2 p.m. and continued to rain on and off until 9 p.m. Tim Botzelmann and Anja Rodinger were timekeepers whereas Christoph Rummel, Stefan Wolsfeld and Helge Riechert coordinated shifts to oversee Roland from the top of the banked curves so that he could be surveyed at all times. Although the test track has lighting, not all of the lights were working. So both velomobiles were outfitted with reflective tape and the lighting checked. At 16:40h Roland started his attempt, 40 min later than anticipated. For the first 2 hours he was on track for the standing record of 1219 km by Christian [...]

Roland Schell – Faired Recumbent Trike (HPV) – August 25, 20182018-10-14T22:23:36+00:00

Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel – Colorado: N-S – August 20, 2018

Rider’s Narrative Summary - Cross Colorado North to South This was a record attempt crossing Colorado from North (Cheyenne, WY) to South (Raton, New Mexico) by Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel on August 20, 2018 starting at 5:43 am from the zero mile marker on Hwy 85 on the Wyoming/Colorado state line. Conditions were brisk but clear. We were surprised at the amount of traffic along Hwy 85 early on Monday morning but apparently, many folks live outside of and commute to Greeley. Who knew? We literally had traffic on most of this route until after Pueblo so you must enjoy riding with cars to attempt this record. We are attempting four records this summer and this was number 3 of 4. We are making these record attempts while fundraising for a local literacy program for children. We were lucky in that the weather was relatively mild for this attempt with temperatures in the high 70’s. We did face quite a bit of headwind for most of the route and smoky air conditions due to multiple fires in CA blowing our way. We both brought and rode a road bike and a TT bike. We used the TT bikes during [...]

Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel – Colorado: N-S – August 20, 20182018-10-14T22:25:14+00:00

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 2018

      Rider’s Narrative Summary Record attempt by Karen Taylor Age 52 Masters Category Attempt date: 08/08/2018 at 10:00 am GMT Held at Quibell Park Outdoor Velodrome – Length 485m, surface macadam, degree of banking at ends 45 degrees, degree of middle of banking at middle of straights 12 degree’s, length of straights 100m. The conditions were warm at 23.3 celsius and as the attempt went on the wind picked up with short gusts hitting me into the bends and along the back straight causing balance issues. The idea of doing a track record attempt was thought of as I followed President Chris Hopkinson’s successful attempt on same track; Was this something I could do – having never ridden track? As year progressed I joined UMCA and the idea took hold.  Aged 52 a keen TT cyclist always looking for something different to do, this just really appealed to me – Ive always been good at the longer distances but having been involved in a road traffic accident with car  meant that I have been unable to race 100 mile TT’s recently. I also wanted to show other athletes with a pacemaker that you can return to sport and [...]

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 20182018-08-19T22:00:21+00:00
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