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Gerald Eddlemon – Outdoor Track records – 2019-10-18

Congratulations to Gerald (Gerry) Eddlemon for breaking 2 existing records in the 70+ age group category. 200 km in 07:35:54.89 121.813 Miles in 6 hours NOTE: Gerry owns so many records that sometimes he breaks his own records just for something to do! Here is Gerry's personal report: ============================= Rider G.K. Eddlemon’s Narrative Summary WUCA Time/Distance Trials Record Attempts for Track, 70+ age class, Oct. 18, 2019   The 119th and 120th WUCA/UMCA Records Note to reader: I’ve yet to recheck my arithmetic for total number of records, but I believe these are the correct figures.  And yes, some of these records were set in some of our smallest states, but some also in larger states and like Alaska, Florida, and smaller but still challenging nations like New Zealand and Israel (crossing Armageddon in 100+ deg F temperatures!).   About ten time and distance trial record attempts were begun concurrently, but multiple slow-downs and stops due to leg cramps, a minor crash, and significant drop in average speed after about 250 Km jeopardized the 6-Hour and 200 Km record attempts and made it unlikely that the records for the 300 Km and longer time trials would be broken.  The chief official [...]

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