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Matt Stephens – Wales S-N – 2019-11-18

Congratulation to Matt Stevens who set the male (18-49) Standard record for the Wales S-N. He rode the 174.4 miles in 13 hours an 25 minutes under some very cold and challenging conditions. He now owns the S-N and the E-W record in his age-group! See his personal account below I, Matthew Stevens, am writing this report following my successful attempt to establish a solo across country record for Wales (South to North), following an earlier abandoned attempt in April 2019. I was particularly interested in this record, as it was one that had not yet been achieved. The year previous I managed to break a WUCA record for East to West Wales, and I felt that this was the obvious next step. At 07:24 I set off from the entrance to the 'Barry Island Carpark' on Friars Road in Barry, one of the most southerly point in Wales. Conditions throughout the most of the ride were very good for the time of year. Dry, wonderfully sunny, but only about 5 degrees C. Although I had a total of 3 bikes on the follow car, I infact remained with one for the entirety, a good lightweight and comfortable Ribble Endurance [...]

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Anna Mei – San Marino to Rome- 2019-10-04

Congratulations to Anna Mei who set two Women's Master (50-59) records on a standard bike from San Marino to Rome and then Rome to San Marino the next day! Anna set 2 records in 2 days - San Marino to Rome on Oct 4 - 200.45 mikes in 12 hr 24 mins - average sp = 13.92 mph then Rome to San Marino on Oct 5 - 200.45 miles in 16 hr 2 min = average speed 12.50 mph What an amazing accomplishment for a great cause!     ! Read her riders summary below:   RIDER ‘S NARRATIVE SUMMARY Name of rider: Mei Anna Start date: oct 4th , 8:20 AM Exact start location: The start line is close to the ancient door of San Marino, called La Porta di San Francesco, where there is the police little station. What where the conditions like: weather condition quite good: sunny day, not too hot, with a little bit of wind, of course on the front. Why did you want to do a record: fundraising for epidermiolisi bullasae, a terrible and rare skin disease., to let the people know the butterfly children exist. Equipment: I have been using both of my [...]

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Wolfgang Fasching – Europe S-N 2019-08-05 thru 2019-08-16

Congratulations to Wolfgang Fasching who covered the 5656 Km distance from Gilbralter to Nordkapp  in 10d 21hr 48mi 19.79 kph or 12.3mph     Here is Wolfgang''s account: Wolfgang Fasching, Europe Coast to Coast, August 2019   Record attempt   Europe coast to coast - Malaga/Gibraltar - North Cape (Nordkapp)/Norway   5,656 km   Name of rider   Wolfgang Fasching   Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute   5 August, 2019    17:11 (CET)   Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot.   Trinity House Lighthouse, Europa Point, Gibraltar; coordinates: GX11 1AA, Gibraltar   What were conditions like?   Hot, cloudless, very windy, start temperature: 30° Celsius (starting point)   1st part: extremely hot (max. temp. 38° Celsius, very humid)        Spain, France   2nd part: cold, very rainy, (temp. 4° - 12° C)         Sweden, Norway   2/3 of the race we had south winds   Why did you want to do a record?   Because I already did: in the US, Asia (Russia), Australia – each from coast to coast,   therefore I wanted to cycle Europe, as fast as I could.   What equipment did you use? Anything [...]

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