Who We Are

WUCA stands for World UtlraCycling Association

Our roots are from the adventures of Ultracycling greats: John Marino, Michael Shermer, and Lon Haldeman. Our original name was UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association). In 2017 we went through a name change to drop the word “marathon” as that was more associated with running instead of cycling.

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WUCA does “Records” right!

WUCA holds the largest certified cycling record database in the world.

We certify:

  • Cross County records (N-S, S-N, W-E, E-W)

  • US Cross State records (N-S, S-N, W-E, E-W)

  • County or State Capital-to-Capital records

  • Special records like NY-Wash, Blue Ridge Parkway, Camino De Santiago

  • TT Time Records: 6-hr, 12-hr, 24-hr

  • Metric TT Fixed Distance Records: 20Km, 40Km, 100Km, 200km, 300km, 500km, & 1000km

  • Engish TT Fixed Distance Records: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000 Miles

  • High Mileage Monthly & High Mileage Yearly

All age Groups:

  • <19

  • 19-49

  • 50-59

  • 60-69

  • 70-79

  • 80-89

  • 90-99

All Categories:

  • Standard

  • Recumbent

  • HPV (faired recumbent)

  • Trike

  • Elliptigo

  • Unconventional

Multiple Types:

  • Road

  • Outdoor Track

  • Indoor Track



Teams (2, 4 & 8  person)

Male, Female, Mixed

Paralympic category

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Year Rounder

Who is a “Year Rounder” anyway??

It is a rider who consistently rides at least a Century every month of the year.

Starting in 2019: Rides are categorized in 3 divisions: Indoor, Personal, and Organized

Personal Division: Personal rides of 90 miles or more, documented by receipts, tracking graph, and/or witness verification. For credit, you must complete at least 90 miles in an 11 hour period including off the bike time (and maintain an 8.33 mph average after that).

Organized Division: Organized rides of 90 miles or more. You must complete at least 90 miles of the ride to receive credit. You will receive credit for your actual, on-route mileage

Indoor Division: Any indoor rides of 90 miles or more that are completed on “virtual riding platforms” such as Zwift, Rouvy, or “similar” (with the use of a smart trainer that can register real power output) where actual riding conditions mimic real world in relation to effort and road grade, can be counted for Year Rounder Indoor Rides. Actual Power measurements must be included, and the ride results must be submitted in some format where mileage, distance and avg power are displayed. Note: The only deviation from this rule is that anyone is still allowed to submit 6-hours of indoor riding without power and have it count for the Larry Schwarz award. 6 hours = 100 Miles (just notate that in your submission)

Combined Division: Combined mileage from the Personal, Organized, and Indoor Division. Overall Y-R standings are shown in order of Combined Division mileage. However, excelling in a given division (for example, the Personal Division) is a worthy goal, and is recognized as such.


Awards available:

Larry Schwartz award: completing at least one Year Rounder ride in each calendar month, with up to two make-up rides — award is an personally engraved medallion.

Gold: 3,000 miles or more in the Combined division — award is a personally engraved medallion.

Platinum: 5,000 miles in the Combined division — award is personally engraved medallion.

Who’s Who: the top five Platinum riders in each division — award is plaque and bragging rights for the next year.


Note: Starting in 2019, you no longer have to join “Year Rounder” by paying an extra $10 membership fee. Every active WUCA member is automatically enabled to participate in the Year Rounder (YR) Challenge. Any awards that are earned will be available for purchase (for the award maker) after the Challenge is over for that respective calendar year.

Male and Female European and and North American Championship Events

Male and Female victors receive custom one-of-a-kind WUCA Championship Jersey

World Ultra Cycling Jersey


NA: Big Jay’s Fat Ass 6 Hour

EU: Barcelona Madform Bicircuit 6 Hour

1000+ Miles

NA: none scheduled

EU: Race Across Europe

500 Miles

NA: Tejas 500

EU: none scheduled